School Climate And Productivity: A Case Study Of Lagos State Nigeria.

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Adeogun, A.A
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This study investigated the effect of school climate on school productivity. Two schools were chosen for the study, one private secondary school and the other one public secondary school. The study population consists of the students and teachers for the senior secondary class in both schools.The questionnaire deslgned covers the aspect of availability and adequacy of school plants, material resources, quantity and quality of teachers, adequacy of classrooms, laboratories, library facilities, technical equipment, level and degree of relationship between students and teachers in ~he school and the administrative style of the principal. The questionnaire was administered by the investigator.The data collected were analysed using figures, percentages, and spearman rank order correlation statiscs. The study discovered that conducive school climate encourages teachers to stay longer in their place of work and perform better in their professional duties and that students in a conducive school climate perform better than those in an unconducive school climate. It was also revealed that adequacy of planning and provision of physical, material,human and financial resources is a factor of good school climate. Based on the findings, some suggestions were made for the provision and improvement of school climate in order to increase productivity on the part of the teachers and students.
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School Climate , Students
Adeogun,A.A.(1999) School Climate And Productivity: A Case Study Of Lagos State Nigeria. Being a Paper Presented At The Annual Conference Of The Nigerian Association For Educational Administration And Planning(NAEAP), Held At Africa Hall(Mini Camous),University of Ilorin,Ilorin, Nigeria.