Business Education Facilities And Graduate Performance in Nigeria

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Ishola N.A
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Delta Business Education Journal (DBEJ)
This study focuses on assessing the facilities of Business Education programme in Southern Nigerian universities. One (1) research questions and a hypothesis were formulated to guide the study. A descriptive survey design was adopted. A 11 -item questionnaire was developed based on the National Universities Commission. (NUC) Minimum Benchmark which was validated by experts. Data was collected from 18 administrators, 43 lecturers and 872 students; multi-stage stratified sampling technique was used while one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was employed to test the hypothesis. Results revealed that administrators, lecturers and students * have similar views on availability and adequacy of facilities whereas Materials Available Resources Checklist proved otherwise. It was therefore recommended that: The private sector should be encouraged to initiate and participate in the provision of facilities and government should procure more facilities to universities as a whole, such channels may include Education Tax Fund (ETF) as practiced in Nigeria; Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).
Scholarly article
Business Education, facilities, Southern Nigerian universities.
Ishola N.A (2015) Business Education Facilities And Graduate Performance in Nigeria. Delta Business Education Journal (DBEJ 5(1)