Effect of Leadership Instability on Sports Administration and Development of Sports Organisations in Nigeria

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Ogunsemore, M.A.
Jimmy, A.
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Journal of National Institute for Sports
The focus of this study was to ascertain the effects of leadership instability on sports administration and development in sports organisation in Nigeria. Four hypotheses were postulated and tested in this study, the survey research design was adopted the study; a total of two hundred (200) subjects were used as sample for this study. The subjects were by designation classified as administrators, coaches, secretaries and players. They were selected through a stratified random sampling technique, the research instrument used for collection of data was a self- developed questionnaire adopted, modified and validated through experts. The instruments were in two sections of A and B. the instruments was administered on two hundred (200) subjects. The data collected and collated was used to develop a frequency distribution table with descriptive statistics of simple percentage and inferential statistics of Chi-square(X2) which was used in testing all research questions. The findings obtain revealed that: leadership instability significantly affects administrative process in sports organisation, frequent removal of leaders from their situatory roles significantly cause financial problems in sports organisation. It significantly affects the morale and commitment of sports personnel. Based on these findings, it is recommended that leaders in sports organisation should be allowed to continuity for set goals to be achieved.
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Development , Leadership instability , Sports administration , Sports organisation , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Ogunsemore, M.A., & Jimmy, A. (2011). Effect of Leadership Instability on Sports Administration and Development of Sports Organisations in Nigeria. Journal of National Institute for Sports. 3(1). 1-9