Emeri, P.N. (2022). Influence of Social Skills on Graduate Employability among Graduate Workers in Lagos, Nigeria: Sociological Implications

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Emeri, P.N
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uniprintNT, Charles Darwin University, Australia.
Education as a social institution has the supply of societal manpower needs as one of its manifest functions. Adopting education by Nigeria as an instrument par excellence in the achievement of its national goals, higher education in Nigeria is mandated to supply the societal manpower. Graduate employability is one of the feedback mechanisms in determining how higher education has fared in this national assignment. However, there is perceived mismatch between the quality of higher education graduates and the labour market expectations with respect to generic or employability skills. Also, graduate unemployment is still among the worsening social problems of our time. This study hence, examined the influence of social skills on graduate employability among graduate workers in Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Area of Lagos state. The study adopted descriptive research design and was guided by four hypotheses. A researcher-designed questionnaire tagged, Influence of Social Skills on Graduate Employability Questionnaire (ISSGEQ), was used in data collection. The validity and reliability of the instrument were established through a pilot study and the reliability coefficient(r) obtained was 0.70. One hundred and fifty (150) respondents drawn using simple random sampling technique from five (5) companies in the study area served as the study sample. The formulated hypotheses were tested using independent t-test statistical tool at 0.05 level of significance. Findings from the study revealed that. there is a significant influence of communication skills, team work, social relationship and interpersonal interactions skills on graduate employability. To this end, the study recommended that. prerequisite social skills like communication skills, social relationship and interpersonal interactions should be encouraged in the Nigerian Universities. This will enable the higher institution to fulfil its major goal of producing useful citizens to provide the manpower needs of the federation. Therefore, all students while going through the period of instruction should strive to acquire social skills that are needed at work for them to be employed and also remain employable.
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Social skills , Graduate Employability , Communication Skills , Team Work , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Emeri, P.N. (2022). Influence of Social Skills on Graduate Employability among Graduate Workers in Lagos, Nigeria: Sociological Implications. In S.Bolaji, A.Oni & S.Anyama (Eds.) African and Diaspora Studies. uniprintNT, Charles Darwin University, Australia