Job-related factors, leadership-motivation and career commitment in a Nigerian college of education

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Oladejo, M.A.
Akinpelu, S.O.
Fagunwa, A.O.
Morakinyo, A.R.
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Journalsbank, United Kingdom
Modern Management of any work organization faces a myriad of challenges in the recent times. One of such challenges has to do with the creation of a good working environment whereby people will want to continue to give their best for the attainment of the organizational goals. Career commitment has been regarded as a sine qua non towards any meaningful job performance. This study therefore, examined the influence of job-related variables and leadership-motivation on career commitment of the staff at the Federal College of Education (Sp), Oyo, Nigeria. It adopted the descriptive research design of the “ex-post facto” type. Two questions were posed and answered. Data were collected through questionnaire. Findings showed that the independent variables jointly accounted for 1.02% of variance in career commitment. In terms of relative contribution, it was revealed that leadership-motivation had the highest contribution ( ß= 0.494), followed by job satisfaction (ß= 0.354), and then, job performance (ß= 0.172). Thus, it was recommended among other things that the Management of work organizations should commit resources to the development of leadership training programmes for those in positions of authority. Also, adequate motivational strategies that will promote workers’ job satisfaction and also ensure workers’ commitment to their job should be devised.
Leadership-Motivation , Job satisfaction , Job performance , Career commitment
Oladejo, M. A.; Akinpelu, S. O.; Fagunwa, A. O. & Morakinyo, A. R. (2011). Job-related factors, leadership-motivation and career commitment in a Nigerian college of education. Pakistan Journal of Business and Economic Review, 2(4), 42-58. Retrieved from