Foreign-based And Home-based Controversies In Relation To Exodus of Nigerian FootBallers

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Awoyinfa, J.O.
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Olu-Akin Publishers
This chapter is concerned with the problem facing the development of sports and games in Nigeria with specific attention on the alarming rate of exodus of star athletesfrom Nigeria to the Western world and developed countries in search of greener pasture. The controversies that trail this problem and the dichotomy that existed between home-basedand foreign-based athletes was given special attention with the view to put a check 10 this talent loosing ventures among Nigeria athletes. Efforts were also put inplace to differentiate between home- based and foreign-based athletes bearing in mind the distinctive factors that are responsible for the unnecessary controversies that the sports clubs, sports organizations and sports administrators contends ~,ith in the issues of foreign and local based star athletes in Nigeria. The chapter also examined some salient factors on how sports can be developed in this country Nigeria using modern sports facilities and equipment and better remunerating factors to reassure Nigerian athletes that what they are strugglingfor in the diaspora is equally available in their country Nigeria.
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Awoyinfa, J.O. (2007). Foreign-based And Home-based Controversies In Relation To Exodus of Nigerian FootBallers. Contemporary Issues in man Kinetics and Health Education (Ed.) by Ikulayo, P.B., Chapter.7, 128-155.