Peace and Security Education as Sociological Antidote to Insecurity in Nigeria

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Emeri, P.N
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Societal functioning is driven by social processes of; competition, cooperation, conflict, assimilation and accommodation. The inability to maintain a balance along this social axis in human social interactions and relationships breed security threat! This paper examined peace and security education as sociological antidote to insecurity in Nigeria. The paper provided conceptual clarifications of; insecurity, peace, security and peace education. Global prevalence and forms of insecurity, particularly in Nigeria were highlighted. Also, causes and impact of insecurity on national development were discussed. The paper then puts its thrust on how peace and security education would procedurally address the nagging security challenges in Nigeria. The sociological implications of the submissions were as well provided. As a way forward, the paper recommended among others that the government should intensify effort towards ensuring the safety of lives and property of all citizens. Inclusive education should be imbibed such that even children; with disabilities, of diverse religious affiliations or ethnic minorities would have equal educational access, to reduce social inequality which breeds conflict. People should be educated on the need for courage, tolerance and respect in inter personal relationships. Peace and security education should form a part of the core curriculum across the various levels of our school system.
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Insecurity , Sociological Antidote , Peace Education , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education , Peace
Emeri, P.N. (2019). Peace and Security Education as Sociological Antidote to Insecurity in Nigeria. Journal of Education (EKSUJOE). Faculty of Education, Ekiti State University, 9(2), 127-135.