Evaluation of Practical Skills Possessed by ~oodwork Graduates of Technical Colleges in Niger State, Nigeria

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Odo, M.I
Okwori, R.O
Adamu, M.M
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University of Western Macedonia, Greece
The study identified practical skills passessed by woodwork graduates of Niger state technical calleges in using waadwarking machines, hand tools and consurnables. Three research questians were answered and two. hypatheses tested at 0.05 level of significance. A survey research design was adapted far the study. A structured questiannaire was used to gather data from ane hundred and two respandents. Simple random sampling was applied to identify the study sample. Mean rating was used to. answer research questians, t- test statistics was used to. test the hypatheses. Cronbach Alpa Formula was used to. determine reliability caefficient af the instrument. The reliability caefficient of the instrument was faund to. 0.81. The findings of the study shawed that Waadwark graduates of technical eo lieges in Niger State used all the waadwarking machines listed except band saw machine, tenaning machine, martiser and thicknesser. They used all the hand tools such as hammer, • screw driver, hand plane, electric jig saw, scraper, pincer, plier, try square and spanner. It was recammended that State Gavernment shauld provide madern machines for imp raving practical skills of waadwark students and Waadwork teachers should teach students haw to apply farmica an wood surfaces
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Okwori R.O.; Adamu M, M & Moses I. Odo (2013) Evaluation of practical skills possessed by woodwork graduates of technical colleges in Niger State, Nigeria. Multilingual Academic Journal of Education and Social Sciences, 1(2), 73-82