Essentials of Mother-Tongue Newspapers to the UBE Scheme

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Salawu, A
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In the current information age no education prograrnme destined to succeed can afford to discountenance the mass media. It is in this light that mass media (together with instructional media) have enormous capacity for literacy development through properly structured curriculum. One of the widely-acknowledged functions of communication is education. This, in essence, means that communication is a vehicle for education. Mass media have the potentials of' diffusing information fast and wide; and, it is in this sense that they are indispensable in mass education programme. While the broadcast system has been of great value for distance learning, the print media as well are of immense value for their peculiar advantages of visuals, permanence and chronology. Print media, themselves, are by nature, vehicles for literacy as they are required to be read for information and knowledge. If we agree that education is not possible without communication, we would also agree that education is also not possible without language. This is because language as a system or symbols is a basic tool of communication.
Education , Communication , Mass media , Print media , Curriculum , Distance learning , Broadcast system , Literacy
Salawu, A. (2002). Essentials of Mother-Tongue Newspapers to the UBE Scheme. Paper presented at the 7th Annual Conference of the Association for Promoting Nigerian Languages and Cultures, Owerri, Nigeria