Determination of hydroquinone content in skin lightening cream

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Joda, A.E.
Yesufu, H.B.
Akinleye, M.O.
Siyaka, L.
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The study was aimed at investigating the concentration of hydroquinone content, if any, in various skin lightening cosmetics found in cosmetics shops in Lagos and compare the content with label claims. Twenty (20) skin lightening creams were purchased from different cosmetics shops in Mushin and Idumota in Lagos. Hydroquinone reference standard was used to prepare calibration curve. From the results obtained, Only 7 of the creams had hydroquinone in its label with four of them actually providing the value. All the twenty (20) creams contain hydroquinone with percentages ranging from 0.07% to about 4%. The product (Code 01) with the highest percentage was imported from Cote D’Ivoire. Three of the four products (01, 07 & 08) with label value of hydroquinone failed the USP specification for percentage purity of hydroquinone. In conclusion, the presence and improper labeling of hydroquinone in cosmetic creams contravenes the NAFDAC regulation. Manufacturers should be encouraged to indicate all the content of their cosmetic creams in the labels and modalities for enforcing same should be publicized.
Hydroquinone content , skin lightening creams , USP specification , NAFDAC regulation
L Siyaka, AE Joda, HB Yesufu and MO Akinleye. (2016). Determination of hydroquinone content in skin lightening cream. The Pharma Innovation Journal 5(9): 101-105