Church-Mosque Joint Project : a Synergy for Curbing Social Vices in Nigeria

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Bidmos, M.A
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This paper posits that Nigerian Muslims and Christians have a unique opportunity to shape the destiny of Nigeria state by virtue of two major advantages at their disposal. This include, first, the numerical strength as they both constitute not less than 95% of the nation's population. Secondly there are common values in terms of basic teachings and tenants , which both Islam and Christianity share. Through empirical methods , the shared values can be utilised to re-orientate the psyche of Nigerians who have taken corruption as a norm. To the extent that corruption which has so far militated against nation building is a function of the psyche, the paper considers re-orientation of the psyche. The appropriate measure to tackle corruption. If corruption can be eliminated as predicted in this study thereby giving room for rapid and sustainable development, the church and the mosque would ve made a very significant contribution to the act of a nation building.
Conference paper
Synergy , Nation Building
Bidmos, M.A (2015) Church-Mosque Joint Project : a Synergy for Curbing Social Vices in Nigeria. Being a Paper Presented at a Conference on Law, Religion, Social Stability at Brigham Young University, Utah, USA.