Challenges in the Management of Benign Prostatic Enlargement in Nigeria

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Jeje, E.A.
Ojewola, R.W.
Nwofor, A.M.E.
Ogunjimi, M.A.
Alabi, T.O.
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Official Journal of Lagos University Medical Society (LUMS)
The burden of benign prostatic enlargement (BPE) caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is very high in Nigeria and management of patients with this benign urologic condition constitutes the bulk of work done by urologists. This article aims to highlight some of the challenges facing the specialist urologists in the management of patients with BPE in Nigeria. The challenges are many and varied. They include factors relating to the patients themselves, infrastructural problems, and healthcare financing issues as well as problems with the healthcare givers. Factors related to the system include heath facilities, inadequate manpower, unchecked proliferation and popularity of alternative medicine as well as limited availability of minimally invasive surgical treatments. Patients' related factors contribute significantly to these challenges and include the prevailing poverty, poor health-seeking attitude, low literacy level and ignorance on the prostatic diseases amongst the Nigerian patients. The problems with healthcare givers include lack of local guidelines for the management of BPH and lack of professional development by the General Practitioners who manage most of the patients in Nigeria. Recommendations include embarking on mass literacy campaign and health education about prostatic diseases, development and standardization of laboratory practice in the nation, improvement in the coverage of and inclusion of BPH in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria. It was also recommended that the Nigerian Association of Urological Surgeons (NAUS) develop a guideline on the management of BPE/BPH.
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Challenges , Management , Nigeria , Benign prostatic enlargement , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Surgery
Jeje E.A., Ojewola R.W., Nwofor A.M.E., Ogunjimi M.A., Alabi T.O. Challenges in the Management of Benign Prostatic Enlargement in Nigeria. Nig. Qt J Hosp Med. 2016. 26 (3): 599-602.