Information services: the Wheels of the American Electoral Process: Implications for Nigeria

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Adegboye, O.A
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American Studies Association of Nigeria
America has succeeded in evolving a political system that is both enviable and significant in world politics in the last two centuries. The system of governance and the electoral processes have been institutionalized. Peace and serenity characterised the electoral scene in America and this calls for a salient question. What is the trick?: The flow of information is not a luxury. It is a life and death necessity; life and death for industries, for communities, for nations economic health, for survival, for deterrence of war, for progress, for posterity. This is not an exaggeration, it is a hard fact.' There is no doubt that in any process of enlightenment, political in particular, information services provided in a nation are of immense importance. America has succeeded in operating a system of governance with a lesser degree of confusion that obtains in many other nations. So far, America has held a total of forty-two elections since the declaration of independence in 1776. Even though there are many elements that have contributed to the success and progress of their political culture, the nation's body politics has in its wheels a dynamic information system. This paper seeks to take an overview of the American system of government and discuss the role of information services in the electoral processes. It also discusses implications for Nigeria.
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World Politics , Information Services , Governance , Electoral Processes
Adegboye, O.A (1997) Information services: the Wheels of the American Electoral Process: Implications for Nigeria. Governance and the Electoral Process: Nigeria and the United States of America