Promoting Primary School Pupils’ Understanding of Basic Science

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Okafor, N
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Association for Promoting Academic Research and Development in Nigeria (APARDN), Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.
The study focused on promoting primary school pupils understanding of basic science by comparing the performance of the Club members of Early Years Exposure to Science (EYES). Programme and non members. Three research questions guided the research. The study made use of a 2 x 2 x 1 factorial design with a sample of 202 primary 5 pupils (101 Club members and 101 Non-Club pupils) from 12 public primary schools in Lagos State where EYES Club is institutionalized. The research instruments employed in data collection were Understanding of Basic Science Test (UBST) and Oral Interview (01). Data analysis involved the use of Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) of the post-test UBST scores. The result has shown that there was significant effect on participation in EYES activities by group, school location and gender on pupils' understanding of basic science. It has also provided enough evidence that participation in EYES activities has significant positive effects on the understanding of basic science among EYES Club members than Non-Club members. Above 80 percent of EYES Club members had outstanding performance over Non-Club members. 65 percent of EYES members interviewed confirmed that they engage themselves in quiz/debate competition regularly while 90 percent of the EYES members interviewed as well explained that EYES activities are additional ways of improving on their academic performance. The study has made some recommendations and concluded that without the pupils having excellent understanding of basic science reaching their pei-sonal and societal goals in the generations to come will be a mirage.
Basic Science , Pupils , Objectives , EYES , Primary Education
Okafor,N.(2013). Promoting primary school pupils understanding of basic science. Journal of Collaborative Research and Development (JCRD). 1(2), 29-39. A Publication of the Association for Promoting Academic Research and Development in Nigeria (APARDN), Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.