Taxation of Property in Lagos State: An Appraisal

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Ilobinso, I
Ilobinso, I.K
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Obafemi Awolowo University Law Journal
To effectively run the government and perform the functions provided by the Nigerian Constitution, the States and the Local Government Councils have to explore all possible means of generating revenue. They have to look beyond the already dwindling federal government allocations and grants, and focus on taxation, which is the most sustainable means a sovereign government can generate income.1In recognition of the need for additional and sustainable income, the Lagos State House of Assembly passed the Land Use Charge Law in December 2018 (LUCL 2018) which repeals and replaces the Land Use Charge Law 2001. It increases the rates payable on all property situated in Lagos State and aims to block loopholes in the previous law. This paper analyses the LUCL 2018, highlighting changes introduced in the law. It also examines the legality of the LUCL 2018 and finally makes recommendations on how this property tax of Lagos State can be improved.
Property Tax, Land Use Charge, Lagos, Nigeria
Ilobinso Ihuoma & Ilobinso, I.K.(2018) Taxation of Property in Lagos State: An Appraisal. Obafemi Awolowo University Law Journal (Vol. 2:1) 263