Craniofacial Orthodontic Care amongst Orthodontists in Nigeria

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Isiekwe, G.I
Dacosta, O.O
Fashemo, D.V
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West African Journal of Orthodontics
Background: The aim of this survey study was to assess the clinical experience in cleft care and craniofacial orthodontics of orthodontists in Nigeria and to identify the challenges they face in providing care. Methods: A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was carried out among 26 Orthodontists attending the annual scientific conference of the Nigeria Association of Orthodontists (NAO) in October 2014. The questionnaires were self-administered and contained 19 close ended questions, which evaluated the clinical experience of the respondents in different craniofacial orthodontic procedures and the challenges they faced in providing this sub-specialty service. Results: The response rate was 80.8%. Sixty two percent of the orthodontists were currently providing craniofacial orthodontic care at their respective centers. The most commonly performed procedure was pre-surgical infant orthopedics (96.4), while the least clinical experience was recorded in orthodontic preparation for orthognathic surgery (7.4%,). The two most commonly reported challenges (61.6%,) were the lack of working tools and materials and poor support from the hospital management. Conclusion: Orthodontists in Nigeria are currently providing a limited scope of craniofacial orthodontic care. A lot more needs to be done to overcome the current challenges being experienced and also to expand the scope of care provided.
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Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY::Orthodontics , Craniofacial Orthodontics , Nigerian Orthodontists , Cleft Care , Hospital Management