Computer Forensic Guideline: A Requirement for fighting cyber Crime in Nigeria now?

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Ajetunmobi, R.A.
Uwadia, C.O.
Oladeji, F.A.
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University of Lagos
Computer Forensics in digital evidence collection regarding Cybercrime in the last few years by IT savvy countries has played very important role in case prosecution. However, that is not the case in Nigeria, a country that has vast human resources to battle Cybercrime, but is seriously lacking in using modern tools and knowledge to fight it. With the prominent, albeit negative role that cybercrime now occupies in Nigeria, it has become pertinent for the authors to raise the issue of using Computer Forensics for digital evidence collection which will in turn facilitate minimal amount of time used during physical evidence collection. Currently, there is no proper guideline in place for digital evidence gathering and this loophole is exploited by defence counsels during prosecution of cyber-related crimes. Since there are gaps between the laws used for prosecution of cybercriminals and enforcement procedures in Nigeria, the authors’ work on Computer Forensics guidelines will serve as a midpoint that will hopefully bridge the gap and improve the performance rating of the Nigerian law enforcement agencies. In this paper, the authors are proposing standard Computer Forensics guidelines that will improve the investigation procedure to encourage admissibility of digital evidence in any court of law.
This was a paper that was presented as a poster presentation at the 11th Unilag Annual Research Conference and Fair
Admissibility, chain of custody, computer forensics, cybercrime, digital evidence, Legislation , Admissibility , Chain of custody , Computer forensics , Cybercrime , Digital evidence , Legislation , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Information technology::Computer science
Ajetunmobi, R.A., Uwadia, C.O. and Oladeji, F.A. (2016). Computer Forensic Guideline: A Requirement for fighting cyber Crime in Nigeria now?.