Effects of gender inequality on education and economic growth in Nigeria

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Igboanugo, I.N.
Iwegbu, O.
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This study analyses the impact of gender inequality on education and economic growth in Nigeria. The study examines the magnitude of the relationship between gender and education and the extent to which gender inequality affects economic growth in Nigeria. Data from the National Bureau of Statistics is utilized. The quantitative technique employed in analysing the data collected is the Error Correction Model (ECM). Also, Mann-Whitney test statistics was employed to test whether a significant difference exists between the male’s contribution to the national economic growth and female’s contribution to the nation’s economic growth. The major finding is that in the urban region, females exhibited predominant unemployment by educational level when compared to the rural region. More so, Other findings from the study show that there is a high level of gender inequality in labour force participation in relation to the Nigerian educational level. The study recommended that for Nigerian economic growth to decipher positively to the wellbeing of its citizens, gender inequality should be drastically reduced. Also, there is a need for lawmakers to formulate and implement policies on gender equity in order to fully realize the goals of the Transformation Agenda.
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Gender inequality , Human capital , Economic growth , sectoral dominance (Rural and Urban) , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Business and economics::Economics
Igboanugo, I.N., & Iwegbu, O. (2020). Effects of gender inequality on education and economic growth in Nigeria. In J.A.T. Ojo, P.O. Oladele, J.A. Oloyede, S.O. Olayiwola, M.O. Ajayi, & E.N. Olowokere (eds.), Readings on Financial System, Entrepreneurship and Institutional Support for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Africa (Chp. 24, pp. 511 – 528). Lagos, Nigeria: Unilag Press & Bookshop ltd.