The study of internally generated revenue by university libraries in Nigeria

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Zaid, Y.A
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Journal of the Nigerian Library Association
The paper discusses the need for academic libraries in Nigeria to promote marketing concept of information products and services as a viable source of generating revenue to augment income from their parent institution. The approach adopted was to review existing literature with visits to selected libraries to investigate how each library was funded. The next approach was to examine efforts made by each library to supplement what comes from parent institution knowing that it was inadequate. Analysis of data from the pre-tested and post-implemented questionnaire revealed the need for marketing concept to be introduced. The findings reveal that Academic libraries in Nigeria have been under-funded including the private universities when you consider their volume of the library Collection. The 10% Library Development Fund (LDF) has stopped coming to the federal universities. Librarians have positive attitude towards different aspect of marketing of information products and services. There is an indication that further training on marketing application and ICT are needed by librarians in Academic Libraries. Considerations should be given to means of delivering such training by library administrators. The result and discussion imply that in order for Nigerian academic libraries to survive in the information market of the 21st Century, there is need for some Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) activities to be introduced which will make library services efficient, viable and relevant. It is hoped that this work will provide a spring board for library administrators and further researchers to erode the misconception that academic libraries is under authority and as such cannot make financial decisions regarding marketing aspects.
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Academic Libraries , Internal Generated Revenue , Marketing
Zaid, Y.A (2008) The study of internally generated revenue by university libraries in Nigeria. Borno Library, Archival and Information Science Journal. Volume 7 (1).