Comparative Assessment of Fragrances obtained from Nigerian plants

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Igwilo, C.I
Adeoye, A
Nasipuri, R.N
Kabele-Toge, B.B
Popoola, A.O
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J. West Afr. Pharm.
Essential oils from Cestrum nucturnum and Plumera rubra ( varacuminata) were obtained by hot enfleurage and those from Cymbopogon citratus and Eugenia uniflora were obtained using the steam distillation method (B.P. 1980). Measurement of the odour of the fragrances was carried out by the dilution and perfume slip methods. The acceptability of the fragrance was investigated using both the 'Yes' and 'No' method and the Hedonic odour rating scale with the participation of fifty (50) observers. The alignment chart method and Hedonic odour rating scale were used in the evaluation of the fragrances. A correlation seems to exist between the final performance (Fp) obtained from the alignment chart and the number of judgements from the Hedonic odour rating scale. This suggests that the methods used were reproducible and that bias was greatly reduced. The oils were found to have great potentials as fragrances.
Essential oils , Fragrance , Hedonic odour rating scale , Alignment chart , perfumery raw material
Igwilo, C.I., Adeoye, A., Nasipuri, R.N., Kabele-Toge, B.B. and Popoola, A.O. (1995). Comparative Assessment of Fragrances obtained from Nigerian plants. J. West Afr. Pharm., 9(1), 21-28