Appraisal of Charcoal Production Drivers in Ibarapa Region, Oyo State, Nigeria

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Daramola, A.O.
Ayeni, A.O.
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National Centre for Energy and Environment, Energy Commission of Nigeria, UNIBEN
Decreasing oil supply and the attendant environmental challenges posed by its use have driven the search for more sustainable energy sources. Global concern on charcoal production is the concentration of informal production in small lots leading to massive tree clearing activities, which have implications for climate change. Wood supply systems are however complex and site specific. An adequate understanding of exploitation drivers is the basis for review of the sustainability of local systems. This study was aimed at evaluating the key drivers of charcoal supply from the rural areas of Ibarapa region and demand drivers in urban areas around the region. To appraise this, data were collected through participatory rural appraisal techniques of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and structured interview/questionnaire. In addition personal and non-participant observations were used to gain visual understanding of production processes in the area. Results of the social survey indicated about 34,771.2 metric tons of the produce, evaluated at about N1.3 billion is transported out of the region annually. It also revealed that expanded income is the most significant supply side driver while alternative energy sourcing is the most significant demand side driver. Promotion of other alternative rural income sources and efficient production and utilization technologies coupled with adequate export level monitoring is suggested.
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Renewable Energy , Charcoal , Sustainability , Oil supply , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Daramola A. O. and A. O. Ayeni (2016). Appraisal of Charcoal Production Drivers in Ibarapa Region, Oyo State, Nigeria. Int. J. Renew. Energ & Environ, 2: 126-138