Occurrence and Distribution of Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria in a Polluted Lagoon

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Esiobu, N
Amund, O.O
Fakile, O.O
Popoola, O.H
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The faculty press, Cambridge
The presence and distribution of sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB) in the sediment and water from four strategic points on the Lagos Lagoon were assessed using the most probable number technique. All the samples were positive for the dissimilatory sulphate reducers. The relative occurrence varied markedly with the site and pollution status. The least polluted end of the lagoon recorded the lowest number of SRB in both sediment (4.23x102 SRB/ml) and water (28 SRB/ml) while the most polluted site receiving sewage and domestic wastes harboured numbers as high as 5.71x103 and 7.6x104 SRB/ml for water and sediment sasmples, respectively. The occurrence of sulphate-reducing bacteria in such numbers indicated that this environment favoured biocorrosion of buried and immersed metals. The active involvement of these organisms in the syngenesis of sulphur, metallic sulphides and the general biodegradation of pollutants in this ecosystem is discussed.
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Biodegradation , Ecosystem
Esiobu, N [Et...al] (1991) Occurrence and Distribution of Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria in a Polluted Lagoon. Biomedical Letters 46