Towards an Adaptive and Scalable Access Control Model for a Cloud-Based Enviroment

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Azeez, N. A.
Okunoye, O. B.
Oladeji, F. A.
Edafeadjeke, E. O.
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This paper reviews previous access control models and proposes an adaptive task role-based access control model with federated identity as a gatekeeper for cloud-based services so that fine-grain access can be achieved. The motivation behind this architecture stems from the fact that cloud computing, though a growing field in information technology is not widely being implemented by enterprises due to security challenges. Information Technology strategists and decision-makers need to balance the gains of cloud computing, be it on the public or private model with the security needed to safeguard information assets and ensure regulatory compliance. Hence, this means one security policy model cannot cater for every IT infrastructural design model. A quantitative methodology is used to elicit access scenarios on the issuance of security tokens for task and processes. A policy-based markup language is being used to implement the model. This model can be applied in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.
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Markup language , Security
Azeez, Et al (2015), Towards an Adaptive and Scalable Access Control Model for a Cloud-Based Enviroment. Nigeria Computer Society 12th International Conference. Vol. 26.214- 222 pp.