Records Management Practices and their Application to Churches: a case study of the Catholic Archdioceses in South West Nigeria

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Odunlade, R.O
Ojo, J.O.
OJeagbonye, E.P
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Department of Library and Information Science, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.
Organizations irrespective of size or mandate generate records and information for accepted administrative, historical and archival reasons. Records and archival materials give the benchmark upon which present and future decisions and activities of organizations are predicated. This study therefore examined the records management practices in the catholic archdioceses of Lagos and Ibadan in south west, Nigeria. The study adopted the descriptive survey design. A population of 180 was used for the study. Total enumeration (census) technique was used for data collection. Questionnaire was administered to the 180 respondent, 114 were returned representing a response rate of 63.3%. The study found out that records kept by the churches are administrative records and legal records; the churches only had control in form of written guideline over the records; storage facilities in the churches are steel cabinet and cupboards; archival repositories possessed by the churches are customized; Preservation methods employed by the churches are through microfilming of records and use of duplication; finding aid available in the churches archives are indexes, guides and use of register; and that the majority of the records officer are holders of University degree. The study concluded that records management practices in the Catholic Archdiocese in Lagos and Ibadan need improvement. The study recommended amongst others that records management education should be given yearly to records officer and archivist to update their knowledge on records management practices and to continually introduce its core components; The churches should envisage to keep financial records to promote accountability which is one of the major tenets of records management; and that records and information resources that could easily be lost in case of natural and man-made disasters should be duplicated in offsite storage as a means of backup.
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Records Management Practices , Pest Infestation , Information Society , Record Storage
Odunlade, R.O, Ojo, J.O and Ojeagbonye, E.P (2015) Records Management Practices and their Application to Churches: a case study of the Catholic Archdioceses in South West Nigeria. Communicate: Journal of Library and Information Science, Vol. 17(1).