Past, Imperfect, Present Continous and Future Perfect: Paradigm Shift In Information Service Provision In Nigerian Universities Libraries

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Zaid, Y.A
Olatise, O.M
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Nigerian Library Association Kwara State Chapter, lIorin
This paper examined the intensity of change in information service provision in Nigerian University libraries from the 1980s to the present, and a snippet view of the future expectations. The paper articulated the emerging information service delivery models in Nigenan university libraries, the sequential phases and strategies adopted based on evidence. To elicit the necessery information about, the sequential phases of infomation provision and strategies adopted, the following themes were discussed (a) Information provision in Nigerian university libraries (Years 1980 to 2000), (b) The paradigm shift as reflected in the present (Years 2000 to 2014), and (c) Expectations for the future (2015-2020). A purposive sampling tectuiique was adopted to gather information from 40 readers' services and reference iibrarians in eleven Federal and State university libraries using Focus Group Discussions method. All the discussants were of the opinion that the future of information service delivery in Nigerian university libraries will be characterized by the changing roles of librarians in performing core functions, The study concluded that there is substantive evidence that Librarians in Nigerian university libraries are aware of the paradigm shift in information service provision and are thus willing to acquire the knowledge and skills required to meet the Information needs of current and next generation of users. The study recommended the empowering of library and Information professionals with information communication and technology (ICT) knowledge and skills aimed at supporting them in meeting the roles that will be accorded them in the nearest future.
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Information Service , Library Trends , Libraries , Service Provision
Zaid, Y.A and Olatise, O.M (2016) Past, Imperfect, Present Continuous and Future Perfect: Paradigm Shift In Information Service Provision In Nigerian Universities Libraries. MiddleBelt Journal of Library and Information Science Vol. 14