The Correlation between Poverty and Juvenile Delinquency.

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Olusakin, A.M
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Juvenile delinquency could be caused by environmental contigencies that are beyond the control of the youths and therefore resulted in their behaving the opposite way to the socially approved way of behaving. Juvenile delinquent behaviours among secondary.:'Elchoolstudents from low socio economic ~tatus homes were compared to these of students from high socioTeconomic status homes. A total of 150 senior secondary students, comprising of 75 female students from 2 federal government secondary schools were used in the study. The Likert-type of Questionnaires with four-point scale were administered to collect vital data for this study. Two research hypotheses were tested and both of them were upheld as they were supported by the results. It lwas found out that a signi~icant difference exist between the involvement in juvenile delinquent behaviours of students from high socio economic status family compared to those from low socio-economic statw family. Pearson's Product Moment Correlation statistical method of data analysis was used in testing the research hypothesis. Recommendation were given as to how to lessen juvenile delinquency.
Conference Paper
Juvenile delinquency
Olusakin, A. M. (1999), The Correlation between Poverty and Juvenile Delinquency. Being a paper presented at the fourth National Conference of Nigerian Educational Research Reporters Association (NERRA) held at the University of Calabar.