Design and Implementation of a modified Pull-All Migration strategy mobile in Aglet mobile agent for effective Network-Load Management

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Osunade, O
Oyewole, S. A
Azeez, N. A
Osofisan, A
Akinola, M.I
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LAUTECH Journal of Engineering and Technology
The conventional Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) approach used in client and server architecture which runs in a centralized manner has one common challenge, as network size increase, the number of potential problems and complexity of the network task also increases. Although the centralized management approach gives network administrators a flexibility of managing the whole network from a single place, it is prone to information overloading, excessive processing load and heavy usage of network bandwidth. In this situation, effective network management is required. Contrary to client-server, Mobile Agents handles such situation by shipping necessary codes and its execution state closer to the data which often reduces network load and generates improve system performance. However, despite all these useful advantages, past literatures have shown that Mobile agents still have some inherent drawbacks, because of its poorly coupled migration model and the limitations of static and mixture approach commonly used to reduce network load. Therefore, effective implementation of a data migration strategy in a given distributed network is critical in reducing network load and the holistic performance of the computer Network. The purpose of this study is therefore to design an approach based on network deployment of the modified pull-all code data migration pattern using Java based Aglets transfer protocol (ATP) that send and retrieve information. The transmission time and network load at each migration nodes are noted. Our results show that the proposed approach can be efficiently used for information retrieval in a distributed environment.
Aglet Mobile agent, Network-load, SNMP, Client and Server, Pull-All
Osunade O., Oyewole, S. A, Azeez N.A, Osofisan A, Akinola M.I (2014) “Design and Implementation of a modified pull-all migration strategy in aglets mobile agent for effective network-load management” LAUTECH Journal of Engineering and Technology (LAUJET) Vol. 8 No 1 (January, 2014. ISSN: 159 0000, pp 12-18.