Effects of Fragility on Human Development in ECOWAS

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Omojolaibi, J.A.
Ogunniyi, M.B.
Omoyeni, I.A.
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Caleb Journal of Social and Management Sciences
The presence of several factors could make a state vulnerable to shocks and ultimatelys collapse. Ab initio, conflict was adjudged as the only evidence of state fragility. More recently, other political, social and economic problems are also regarded as threats to state- building. Hence, this study assesses the effects of these fragile occurrences on the level of human development within the ECOWAS regional bloc. The study employed the panel fully modified least square estimation technique for the analyses. The study spans 2006-2015. The analyses reveals that: group grievances exhibited negative effects on health and education, the security apparatus index negatively spurred health only, and de-legitimization of the state negatively influences standard of living. The study recommends that proactive measures must be taken to curtail group-based grievances, conflicts and aggressions.
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Fragility , Human Development , Social Contract , ECOWAS , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Business and economics::Economics
Omojolaibi J.A.; M. B. Ogunniyi & I. A. Omoyeni (2018) Effects of Fragility on Human Development in ECOWAS. Caleb Journal of Social and Management Sciences. 4(2), Pp 98-112. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Caleb University, Imota, Lagos. Nigeria.