Remapping Nigeria for National Census: the Cadastral Information System Option

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Uluocha, N. O
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Population census is a space-related activity. Hence for successful census enumeration to be achieved the spatial dimension of this all-important exercise must be appropriately recognized, understood and taken into full consideration. Historically speaking, the first census in 'Nigeria' was conducted in Lagos in 1871 while the census for the entire country was undertaken in 1911. Not until the 1973 national census count the role of maps and indeed geographically located data in census surveys was hardly recognized and appreciated. It was only in 1973 that somewhat adequate and elaborate plans were made, and hence adequate cartographic work done, to delimit the whole country into enumeration areas (EAs), though the EAs were not flawless.
Population , Census , Enumeration areas (EAs) , Carthographic work
Uluocha, N. O. (2000). Remapping Nigeria for national census: the cadastral information system option. Paper presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of The Nigerian Carthographic Association, Ministry of Land and Physical Planning, Kano, Nigeria.