Reliability assessment of offshore jacket structures in Niger Delta

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Salau, M.A.
Esezobor, D.E.
Omotoso, M.F.
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Petroleum & Coal
Jacket platform is essential for continuous crude oil production in Nigerian offshore oil and gas fields. However, the structures are constantly exposed not only to hostile environment and operational conditions but as well as seawater that consists of salty and oxygenated water with high pH level that accelerates corrosion process. This phenomenon leads structural members to reduction in thickness with time. The application of the available computer software used for offshore structural assessment, simply give data about the structural member strength with no information regarding structural system reliability. In this paper, a time-variant formulation technique for the accurate estimation of corroded jacket structural system reliability is derived and presented by utilizing series and parallel reliability theories. The results of the study established that the reliability of a jacket structures is the product of bracings and legs reliabilities and this value decreases with platform age.
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Jacket structures , Corrosion , Reliability assessment , Niger Delta , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Salau, M.A.; Esezobor, D.E; Omotoso, M.F. (2011). Reliability assessment of offshore jacket structures in Niger Delta. Petroleum & Coal, 53(4): 291-301.