The Traditional Methods Of Preserving History And Customs.

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Lawal, A.A.
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Nelson Publishers Limited 8, Ilupeju By-pass Ilupeju, Lagos.
This paper takes stock of the major forms of expressing the non-phvsical cultural heritage in Nigeria and the various methods or devices that arc employed to safeguard this heritage which is facing the danger of disappearing because of the destructive forces of time and uncontrolled modernisation. There are many aspects of life experiences which Nigerian traditional practices describe. For historical purposes therefore, several techniques and methods have been developed to preserve and transmit the various aspects of life of our ancestors. The fact that these traditions arc still sustained, despite the stead y encroachment of foreign cultures, religions and ideas, underlies tJ1Csignificance of historical experience in terms of what functions it performs in the life of Nigerians. Despite the obvious lack of any system of writing, the various communities adopted certain methods and techniques to preserve their traditions as faithfully as possible and transmit them from generation to generation. This implies that there is a formal system of training and transmission. In other words, there are certain groups of specialists to whom such traditions are entrusted. These groups not only exercised certain control over the traditions but ensured accurate transmission.
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Preserving , History and Customs
Lawal,A.A. (1992) The Traditional Methods Of Preserving History And Customs.Nigerian National Commission for UNESCO, Federal Ministry of Education, Lagos, Nigeria. p. 10 - 22.