Faculty of Environmental Sciences: A History of the University of Lagos, 1962-2012

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Adeboye, O.
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University of Lagos Press
The University of Lagos was established to contribute to the production of manpower for the newly-independent Nigerian government. The pioneer faculties in 1962 were Commerce and Business Administration, Law and Medicine. In 1964, Faculties of Art, Education, Engineering and Science joined the group. It is surprising that programmes that would produce experts on the physical environment were not conceived until almost a decade after the establishment of the University. Perhaps it was thought that other programmes were more urgent, or that the other new universities of Ife and Nsukka would focus on those areas.It was during the phase dubbed the "Consolidation Period" by A.B. Aderibigbe, after crucial foundations had been laid and pertinent issues resolved that the University gave thought to the training of manpower specialising in various aspects of the built environment.
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Adeboye, O.A. (2013). Faculty of Environmental Sciences In Akinyele, R.T. and Adeboye, O. (eds.), A History of the University of Lagos, 1962-2012 Lagos: University of Lagos Press, 331-362