Diabetogenic Effect of Pregnancy in Sprague-Dawley (SPD) Rats: Potential use as Experimental Model of Human Gestational Diabetes

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Taiwo, I.A.
Adewumi, O.O
Odunlade, A.K.
Ogunkanmi, L.A.
Odeigah, P.G.C.
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The effect of pregnancy on the pattern of oral glucose tolerance was investigated using Sprague-Dawley (SPD) rats. Adult virgin, timed-pregnant and non-pregnant rats were subjected to brief ether anaesthesia after 18- hour overnight fasting period to allow for oro-gastric administration of glucose load at 3.0g/kg body weight (b. wt.) as 30% solution. Glucose concentration determined from the tail blood shows that the starting glucose concentration of the pregnant rats was 6.9+0.4 mmol/l, a significantly higher (P<0.05) value than 5.8 mmol/l, the starting blood glucose concentration of the non-pregnant animals (Controls). The peak blood glucose level attained at the 60th minute was significantly higher (p<0.05) in the pregnant rats (13.5+0.3 mmol/l) as compared to that of the non- pregnant rats (8.5+0.3 mmol/l). After 120minutes, the blood glucose level of the non-pregnant rats dropped to a near starting level while the corresponding value in the pregnant rats remained comparatively higher (P<0.05). Assessment of the rate of appearance and disappearance of glucose in the blood and the determination of glucose response and glucose tolerance indexes (GRI and GTI) respectively showed that pregnancy caused poor glucose utilization in the rats. The results of this short-term study suggest that pregnancy is largely diabetogenic in Sprague- Dawley (SPD) rats. The diabetogenic effect of pregnancy did not necessitate administration of any other diabetogenic agent such as streptozotocin or fructose. Thus, pregnancy induced diabetes in this strain of rats may have potential value as model of gestational diabetes in human.
Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Biology::Cell and molecular biology::Genetics , Gestational diabetes , glucose response index , glucose tolerance index , insulin resistance
Taiwo, I. A., Adewumi, O. O., Odunlade, A. K., Ogunkanmi, L. A., & Odeigah, P. G. C. (2010). Diabetogenic effect of pregnancy in sprague-dawley (SPD) rats: Potential use as experimental model of human gestational diabetes. Nat. Sci, 8, 107-111.