Analysing Action in Two Romantic Tragedies Using Greïmas’ Modèle Actanciel

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Tiamiyu, A.N
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Lagos Notes and Record, Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos
Previous studies onromanticism and comparative romanticism did not consider experimentingthe action with Greïmas’modelfor Romantic plays,specificallyinthe tragediesof Hugo’s Hernaniand Goethe’s Faust. This paperinterpretsthe significance of romantic periodsas presented in both playsthrough analysis of the actionbased on the dichotomy betweenthe classics and the romantics. Unlike previous applicationsof Greïmas’ theory of Modèle actanciel,whichwere basedon one perspective of action analysis,this study appliesthe theory in three different dimensionsto examine the conflict between the classics and the romantics. It hypothesises that men grow classical in marriage while women often desire to retain their degree of romanticism in courtship. It concludes that night, dream,and imagination constitute romanticperiods.The study recommendsthat men should maintain the romantic tempo of courtship inmatrimony to minimiseconflictsandreduce the rate of divorce.
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Action , Classics , Roamantics , Modèle actanciel , Comparative romanticism , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Languages and linguistics
Tiamiyu, A.N. (2019). "Analysing Action in Two Romantic Tragedies Using Greïmas’ Modèle Actanciel" in Lagos Notes and Records, Lagos: Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, 223-242.