African Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the World

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Ayeni, A.O.
Aborisade, A.G.
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Springer Nature Switzerland
Almost all cultures have bits of knowledge that have profound relevance that is enshrined in its historical contributions to the people’s livelihood and sustainability for centuries. From this perspective, it is therefore dangerous, if not oppressive, to hail any one method of investigation as universal. Furthermore, Knowledge is not exclusive to any race, tribe, or ethnic nationality; rather, it is a product of capability, intelligence, diligence, ingenuity, and endurance. Similarly, the solution to a problem is not necessarily unilateral; it could come from diverse sources; hence it has become cogent that knowledges from multiple sources be examined and tested to gauge their applicability in ameliorating the many emerging challenges that represent worries for mankind. The issue at hand has made it compulsory for humanity to refrain from any egos contest and embrace Knowledge irrespective of where it emanates. As discussed on the pages of this paper, African Indigenous knowledge is one such rich source of Knowledge that represents workable solutions on a variety of issues that have been tried, tested, and certified as excellent. Therefore, it will be criminal to keep ignoring this Knowledge without making concerted efforts at applying it to checkmate some of the self-created debacles that threaten our continuous existence.
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Ayeni, A. O. and A.G. Aborisade (2022): African Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the World. In: Oloruntoba S.O., Falola T. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Africa and the Changing Global Order. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.