A manual of poetry for Kogi SSCE Pupils

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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Upper Standard Publications
Ebira thematic thrust abounds also in Brotherhood 0/ Cain on pages 74, 99, 101, md in Isule Wotu n'ehi (p 114), in Ebara: The Egungum, a poem, Adokita appeared. IL i instructive to remind readers that the whole book is dedicated to AMMCO. Kuroko appeared in Kabba: A Play on P134. 'rh Ogidi thematic thrust appeared in the Preface. The Headmaster's Retreat, A Poem jor Severine Naiye) appeared on page 74 in Brotherhood of Cain. gale and Ogidi motif also appeared in Kabba: A Play page 94: Gbede, Ikiri, homorika, Egene (134) and Ebora Oluwo (p 142). Mock Battle (p 41) in Brotherhood of Cain is dedicated to Capt Abisoye who led a company from Enugu l Kabba in 1964.Th Igala motif appeard in the poem (Kadiri Ogaji) in the book, Lion Head and Ankpa on page 610f Tree of Trinitv, a collection of poems. koloke and Nupe also appeared in Kabba: A play on pages 108 and 140, while E nyin, Ajaokuta on pages 110 and Masaba on page 140. In amji several translations of Hausa Sung-Poems are to be found on pp 16- 17,by Salihu Iankid (Salslar Ahmadu Bello); pp 35 - 37 (Sir Ahmadou [ikan Shehu) 1 <rba Mai Tandu Dan Shinkafi. On I?P93 - 94 (Amadu Mai Tabo inda Allah) by Allyu Dandawo etc were all translated into English.
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Timothy Asobele, S.J. (2003). A manual of poetry for Kogi SSCE Pupils.