Cartesian Foundation of Husserlian Phenomenology: A Critical Appraisal

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Owosho, S.A.
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Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos
The inquiry into Husserl’s phenomenology develops out of the philosophical concern that includes the fundamental problems of ontology, epistemology and philosophic methodology. However, the larger motivations for the subject matter of Husserl’s phenomenology lie with matters of epistemology and methodology. This could be traced through the philosophies of Descartes, Hume and Kant. Husserl shares the view of Descartes that the fundamental task of philosophy is that of providing the right epistemological method. It is against this background that this paper proposes an examination of Descartes epistemology as providing the ultimate foundation for Husserl’s phenomenology. It intends to show that there is a very strong affinity in the most basic core of Descartes and Husserl’s philosophies. It further posits that the ultimate interest of both philosophers is that of articulating a universal method that would guarantee the establishment of an absolute foundation of knowledge
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Phenomenology , Epistemological Method , Absolute Foundation , Knowledge
Owosho S.A. (2015). Cartesian Foundation of Husserlian Phenomenology: A Critical Appraisal, Lagos Notes and Records, Vol. 21. ISSN: 0075-7640, A Publication of Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, Lagos, 73-86