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    Children’s Wh-questions acrossLanguages: Some Preliminary Results
    (Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press, 2022) Yatsushiro, K.; Dal Farra, C.; Gonzalez, A.; Hein, J.; Silleresi, S.; Avellana, A.; Huang, A.; Ilọri, J.F.; Krishnan, G.G.; Pintér, L.; Guasti, M.T.; Sauerland, U.
    This paper investigates the acquisition of wh-questions in five different languages: German, Hungarian, Malayalam, Mandarin and Yoruba. It does so by focusing on the production of five structures, which were tested across all languages on the basis of (nearly) identical material. These included subject who-questions (1a) and object who-questions (1b), subject which-questions (1c) and object which- questions (1d), and object what-questions (1e). In this paper we will focus only onwho- and which-questions. (1) a. Who is pushing the ant? b. Who are the horses pulling? c. Which ladybug is waking the cats? d. Which duck is the rabbit pushing? e. What is the woman drawing? Acquisition of wh-questions has been extensively investigated in the litera- ture, but most of the studies focused on the comprehension of these structures