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    Perspectives of the Anglican Church on African Traditional Religion and Culture: A Study of Abeokuta, 1842-2000
    (International Centre for African Law Studies (ICALS), Nigeria, 2020) Falako, F. O.
    This study probes into the perspectives of Christian Missionaries on African Traditional Religion and cultural practices. The aim is to dissect the views of early missionaries on the traditional Religion and culture; identify causes of conflicts, and compare and contrast such with modern evangelists. The paper adopts a historical approach which enables the author to draw data from books and journals. It gives a panoramic assessment of opinions of scholars and zeros in on the inter-faith relationship in Abeokuta, Egba land, between1842 when the Missionaries arrived and 2000, the beginning of the millennium. Findings establish prejudices, clash of interests, and a paradigm shift towards the perspective of sympathy. Finally, the paper recommends dialogue, training, and re-training of missionaries, and a symbiotic relationship for mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence.