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    Resource Control under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999: Current Limitations and Proposals for Reform
    (2019) Awobiyide, A
    The paper examines the issue of resource control within the Nigerian Federation to propose timely and pragmatic solutions to the allocation and control of these scarce resources, over-dependence on oil and the need to find alternative sources of revenue through diversification of the economy. The paper recommends constitutional reforms by way of legislative amendment towards the attainment of true federalism and state control of resources.
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    Regulating Plea Bargaining to Achieve Acceptable Criminal Justice Outcome in Nigeria
    (Department of Private Law, Faculty of Law, University of Uyo, 2016) Bello, Akeem
    The article reviewed economic and financial crimes cases settled through plea bargaining in Nigeria. The sentences imposed by the courts after plea agreements were generally perceived as grossly inadequate and a mockery of justice. The article reviewed the sentences, practice of plea bargaining and issues generated by the cases. It explores options of regulating plea bargaining in order to ensure that it produces fair and acceptable results drawing insights from other jurisdictions. The paper found that contrary to the claim that plea bargain is vaccination against punishment, a legal framework that sets out the ground rules and define the role of the parties can ensure that it is conducted fairly and in the public interest. The article further found that Sentencing and Prosecutorial Guidelines also have the potentials to prevent abuse of plea bargaining by judges, prosecutor and defence counsel and recommends their adoption.
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    Safeguarding Judicial Independence under the 1999 Constitution
    (2004) Osipitan, T
    This book chapter examines the role of the judiciary in guaranteeing Nigeria's constitutional democracy and proposes pragmatic steps towards safeguarding the judiciary's independence.
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    Public Law Perspectives on the Rights of Women in Nigeria
    (Fourth Dimension Publishers, 2002) Osipitan, T
    This book chapter examines some of the rights available to women under Nigerian law. The issues examined in the chapter reveal the existence of some gender sensitive constitutional and statutory provisions aimed at correcting institutional imbalances.
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    Problems of proof under the Electoral Act 2002
    (2005) Osipitan, T
    This book chapter examines issues on the law of evidence which are likely to emerge from election petitions.