Covid 19: A Prospective Observational Study on the Cutaneous Manifestations of Patients in Lagos, Nigeria

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Otrofanowei, E.
Akinkugbe, A.O.
Otike-Odibi, B.I.
Ayanlowo, O.O.
Akase, I.E.
Karami, M.
Kamal, M.
Akanbi, B.
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West African Journal of Medicine
Background: Cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19 have been documented from Europe, USA, and China but none from Africa to date. Skin findings among Africans differ from Caucasians and it is important to report these in Nigerians with COVID-19. Methods: A prospective observational review involving patients seen at the Emergency triage, and Isolation wards of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Demographic and clinical data were captured; skin and appendages were examined by a dermatologist between 0800hrs and 1600hours to minimise visual errors of artificial light masking cutaneous lesions. Results: Of 235 participants, 17 (7.23%) had recent onset skin rash, with 7 (41.2%) experienced itching and 11 confirmed with COVID-19. There was a male: female ratio of 97:43 (2.3:1) among COVID-19 patients. Cutaneous findings were seen in 12 (5.1%) participants, with the face and trunk mostly affected and acne plus papular eruptions predominating. There was no significant relationship between COVID-19 and recent onset skin rash (χ2, p = 0.87). Only 2 of the 17 participants had a previously existing dermatoses ((χ2, p = 0.84). There was no significant relation between use of medications and onset of rashes (χ2, p = 0.72) or between those with co-morbidities and onset of rashes (χ2, p = 0.51). Conclusion: Cutaneous manifestations were found among Nigerian patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection. Most presented with pruritus and papular eruptions and no morphologic pattern was demonstrated. Physicians and dermatologists need to be aware and look out for skin changes in SARS-CoV-2 infection as they may be early pointers to COVID-19
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Otrofanowei, E., Akinkugbe, A. O., Otike-Odibi, B. I., Ayanlowo, O. O., Akase, I. E., Karami, M., ... & Akanbi, B. (2021). Covid 19: A Prospective Observational Study on the Cutaneous Manifestations of Patients in Lagos, Nigeria. West African Journal of Medicine, 38(10), 944-951.