Reproductive health of adolescents in Mainland Local Government area of Lagos State,Nigeria

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Ubangha, B.M.
Nwadinigwe, I.P.
Nwamadi, E.
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This study sought to investigate the reproductive health of school going adolescents in mainland Lagos, Nigeria. The variables of interest were the adolescents' perception of the implementation of the reproductive health policy and practices in relation to their needs, access, problems and obstacles, the perceived influences of stakeholders in the reproductive health behaviour of adolescents and their awareness of risk factors. The respondents were 60 male and 60 female adolescents randomly selected from Five Public Secondary Schools in Mainland Lagos using stratified random sampling technique. Data were generated using a 12- Item researcher designed instrument. The research questions were answered utilizing frequencycounts and simple percentages while the hypotheses were tested using t - test and Chi - Squarestatistical tools. Evidencefrom the data analysis indicates that: About 78.3% of boys and 80.3% of girls reported practicing abstinence. Of the sexually active adolescents, over 90% of them do not patronize any reproductive health facility. Young people have limited information on reproductive health issues and this is mostly provided by peers and the mass media; stakeholders do not emphasize the importance of adolescents 'reproductive health. The negative attitudes of health providers constitute a danger to the adolescents' reproductive health and their unfriendly nature also limits utilization of reproductive healthfacilities Adolescents' have limited access to the reproductive health centres, where services are available.
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Ubangha, M.B: Nwadinigwe, I. & Nwamadi E. (2010). Reproductive health of adolescents in Mainland Local Government area of Lagos State,Nigeria. Journal of Counselling, Education and Psychology, 2(1), 199 – 220.