Conflict and organizational efficiency:a study of the Nigeria University system

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Nwadinigwe, I.P.
Onyene, V.
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This study investigated conflict and organizational efficiency within the Nigeria university system. The sample comprises eighty (80) academic and forty (40) non academic staff in federal and state universities in the Lagos metropolis. The research instrument used was a researcher - constructed and validated "conflict inducing inventory" (ell) questionnaire which was administered to test the two hypotheses formulated for the study. The data collected were analyzed using a two - way analysis of variance (ANOVA) statistics. The result of the analysis showed that there is no significant influence of type of university (Federal and or state ) on external and internal factors inducing union - management conflict respectively; that there is significant influence of worker type (academic and non academic) on external factors inducing union management conflict in the universities and that academic members of staff Journal of Faculty of Arts 129 Ikechukwu Peter Nwadinigwe & Virgy Onyene considered external factors as significantly inducing uni management conflict while the non academic memhe]s responded in favour of manifested internal factors. The stu y concluded that internal and external factors inducing uni n management rancour could be drastically reduced usi g human oriented measures like information flow, facilill. friendly work context and frequent dialogue.
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Nwadinigwe, I.P. Onyene, V. (2009). Conflict and organizational efficiency:a study of the Nigeria University system. Drumspeak. International Journal of Research in the Humanities, 2(3), 129-149.