Aspect of Russian Slang Spoken by the Youths: A Philological Discourse

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Aigbovia, K.E.
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One of the most interesting and the quick changing aspects of the Russian language is the slang. It is prone to constant changes, hence, the need for a regular or constant pedagogico–philological research work, as it plays a vital role in communication. This is because slang is a major tool of communication amongst the Russian youths who in essence are the major locomotive engine of the economy (Muskin 2005). This paper, therefore, takes a look at slang in the following dimensions: the definition of slang, origin of slang in Russia, slang as a phenomenon , the structure/formation of the slang in Russian and the importance of the Russian slang; our recommendation and conclusion. For our country Nigeria, where there are hundreds of indigenous languages with English serving as the national official language, the Nigerian pidgin which serves as a kind of slang has gained popularity amongst the youths, serving as an indispensable lingua franca, especially within the illiterate and semi-literate circles. This highlights the very significance of this paper.
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slang , communication , Russian , Youthful , Phenomenon , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Languages and linguistics
Aigbovia, K.E. (2016): “Aspect of Russian Slang Spoken by the Youths: A Philological Discourse. Language and Literature in the Dis/service of humanity, Essays in Honour of Professor Babatunde Ayeleru ; Edit. Kayode Atilade, Richard Aja, Amos Iyiola & Abosede Adeboyeku, Ibadan: Department of European Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria