Superstitious Beliefs: The Russian and Benin Kingdoms in Perspective.

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Aigbovia, K.E.
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Lagos Review of English Studies, Department of English, University of Lagos
Succinctly put, every human community, be it the African, Caucasian, the Orientals or the Olives is nurtured by the principle of set beliefs or a belief system which emanate from the traditions, customs, norms and certain taboos of the people. It is primarily noteworthy to state that these things are sine qua non for both the physical and spiritual development of any human community whether in primordial times or in the jet age. This essay takes an analytical approach to superstitious beliefs and taboos of the Benin Kingdom of Nigeria and those of the Russian people and thus uses this methodology to juxtapose the two cultures together so as to be able to assess their similarities and dissimilarities. We submit that language is inseparable from the culture and tradition of any community or society and thus posit that, in terms of transference of knowledge, a putative attention ought to always be paid to the cultural aspects of the language since lanquage itself is a carrier of culture and tradition. More so, it is a known fact that internalized traditions and cultures aid learners of the language to respond, as it were, to the norms, taboos, cultures and traditions of such a society.
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Superstitious beliefs , Traditions , Customs , Taboos , Human community , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Languages and linguistics
Aigbovia, K.E. (2019) "Superstitious Beliefs: The Russian and Benin Kingdoms in Perspective" in Lagos Review of English Studies, (LARES) Vol. 19.