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Nweke, F.E.
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University of Georgia, Athens-US (In View)
Retrospectively, a look at the past ere the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, the present and the view about the life post-pandemic in the face of the horrendous state of insecurity pervading Nigeria can be fundamental for the quality of life and security among the female gender living in the multi-tenanted apartments. Although, the previous study I co-investigated did not mention specifically how the female gender responded to music during the pandemic period. This present study aims to reveal life post pandemics in the face of scarcity and insecurity threatening the lives of Nigerians, especially women. The question is, music that sensitized these women during the COVID-19 pandemic, can the tool of music resurrect a sense of hope in the lives of the women living in the multi-tenanted apartment? How far has the tool of music been used as an elixir to restore hope and raise the psyche of the female folks residing in the multi-tenanted apartment? And how often do these women listen to music daily, and does music mean anything to these women living in the multi-tenanted apartment whose daily preoccupations are getting the daily bread for their children? This present study documents the musical genres that depict hope to the women living in the slum, mentions and provides a content analysis of the specific music carrying the message of hope. This study implies that when music is meaningfully engaged during disease outbreaks by any society, the researcher proposes that the possibility of the citizens contracting such disease will be minimized to the barest minimum. All hands must therefore be on deck to enrich the cultural sector by all the stakeholders.
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Music listening , multi-tenanted , female gender , Women , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Aesthetic subjects
Nweke, F.E. (2021). Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic: The Music of Hope. US. University of Georgia Athens.