Natural Convection Heat Transfer and Entropy Generation Analysis in Saltbox Roof under Summer Conditions

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Ogwumike, T.E.
Olakoyejo, O.T.
Oloruntoba, F.T.
Musah, A.A.
Oyekeye, M.O.
Oluwatusin, O.
Oluwo, A.A.
Adelaja, A.O.
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This study investigates numerically the 2D laminar natural convection in a Saltbox roof type geometry under summer climate conditions as obtained in Africa, particularly Nigeria using ANSYS FLUENT to model the boundary conditions. The effects of Rayleigh number (Ra) within the range of 103-107 and pitch angles (top and base) on heat transfer, the flow structure, temperature distribution and entropy generation within the geometry were analysed. Results show that the flow is nearly symmetric at lower Ra, while for higher Ra, the flow becomes asymmetric. The Nusselt number (Nu) has a proportional relationship with the top pitch angle and an inverse relationship with the base pitch angle when the Rayleigh number is fixed. The effect of the Ra on the Nu is insignificant at lower Ra, but becomes noticeable at higher Ra. The total entropy generation increases with an increase in top pitch angle and a decrease in base pitch angles, at fixed Rayleigh numbers. The physical implication is that, for a Saltbox roof type geometry, at fixed Ra, the best convective heat transfer process is achieved by lowering the base pitch angle and increasing the top pitch angle.
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Entropy generation , Natural convection , Nusselt number , Pitch angle , Rayleigh numbers Minimum , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Engineering mechanics
Ogwumike T.E., Olakoyejo O.T., Oloruntoba F.T., Musah A.A., Oyekeye M.O., Oluwatusin O., Oluwo A.A. and Adelaja A.O. (2022): Natural Convection Heat Transfer and Entropy Generation Analysis in Saltbox Roof under Summer Conditions, FUOYE Journal of Engineering and Technology 7 (2) 205 – 209