Effects Of Computer Animation and Flipped Learning Pedagogies on Secondary School Students Acquisition of Problem Solving Skills in Chemistry

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Okafor, N
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Curriculum Organisation of Nigeria
Chemistry education protagonists have emphasized that the teaching of secondary school chemistry should be geared towards students acquiring basic skills for solving personal and societal problems that could engender employment and wealth creation. This study has examined the effect of computer animation and flipped learning pedagogies on secondary school students' acquisition of problem-solving skills in chemistry. Two research questions guided the study. The study involves a quasi-experimental research design where intact classes were subjected to two treatments and a conventional method (control) with gender as moderator variable. A sample of 144 was drawn from three Model Secondary Schools in South-East, Nigeria. Four research instruments were used in data collection. Data were analyzed using Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) and Fisher's T-test. The results show that participants exposed to flipped learning pedagogy acquired the highest problem-solving skill than those exposed to computer animation and conventional pedagogies. There was no gender difference between girls and boys on problem-solving skills acquisition. The study recommends that chemistry teachers should employ activity-oriented pedagogies that could engender problem-solving skills acquisition in their classroom instructions. The study concludes that the goal of education should be to provide adequate learning opportunities that exposes students to acquisition of appropriate skills at both cognitive and non-cognitive domains as well as foster their career aspirations beyond the field of chemistry education.
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Okafor, N. P. (2017). Effects of computer animation and flipped learning pedagogies on secondary school students’ acquisition of problem solving skills in chemistry. Nigerian Journal of Curriculum Studies. 24(4), 38-57. Journal of Curriculum Organization of Nigeria (CON), Faculty of Education, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki.