COVID-19 Pandemic and the Food System: Implications for Food and Nutritional Security in the Lagos Metropolis

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Adedayo, V.T
Fasona, M.J
Adelopo, A
Sanyaolu, A
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Unilag Press
Achieving food security is a key dream of most cities globally but its attainment has been a herculean task. This is due to the complexities and multidimensional processes involved in understanding the linear and non-linear relationships between and among its components including food system value chain. Food system is a unique feature that ascertain food security situation in any geographical area, but with COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences on this system, the state of food security has worsened especially in Lagos. Understanding the implications of COVID-19 pandemic on the human wellbeing, livelihood, and food security has been well documented and reported from global and regional perspectives. Only limited reports have, however, been documented in Lagos. Using existing literature, this paper revealed that COVID-19 pandemic and government interventions rolled out to minimize its impacts have both positive and negative implications on the Lagos food system. There was low food production, inadequate food distribution, poor trade, and processing activities as well as huge challenge for food waste/loss management at both the household and community levels. In spite of this, the pandemic has brought increased digital innovations and technology development that kept the food supply chains running to ensure the Lagos food system is sustained. This was achieved through rapid diffusion of digital technologies, internet, computer and mobile phone e-commerce by private and public supermarket chains (Jumia, Konga, Jiji) delivery firms and mobile money firms. The paper concludes by recommending that the government’s post-COVID-19 recovery programme should focus on the food system subsectors where negative impacts were hugely felt during the pandemic.
Scholarly article
Adedayo, V, Fasona, M, Adelopo, A, Sanyaolu, A (2021): COVID-19 Pandemic and the Food System: Implications for Food and Nutritional Security in the Lagos Metropolis. In Bammeke, F, Akinleye, S and Ayeni, A (eds): Social Impact of COVID19 on Nigerians: Experiences, Lessons and Reflections, Unilag Press. Chapter 2, pp 37-54