Mega City Planning for Recreation Administration

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Awoyinfa, J.O.
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Olu-Akin Publishers
This chapter takes an indepth analysis, survey and investigative approach into the concept of mega city planning for recreation administration in mega cities of the world with special attention and focus on Nigeria and most West African countries. The controversies of the term mega city were carefully examined in this chapter with special interest on less developed countries in terms of job opportunities, food. water, energy, education, transportation, health, environment, crime and housing as these concepts affect directly or indirectly the planning and administration of mega city recreation in Nigeria, factors to be considered when planning for mega city tecreetion in Nigeria were highlighted and fully discussed in this chapter. Classifications of mega city recreation were also stated and vividly explained in this chapter. Conclusively, self-revision questions were postulated at the end of the chapter.
Scholarly article
Awoyinfa, J.O.(2017). Mega City Planning for Recreation Administration. Fundamentals of Recreation: Theories and Practices, Ed. by Ikulayo, P.B. Chapter. 9, 87-106.